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Custom Patches – Choosing the Right Company

There may be a lot of custom embroidery companies only, but not all can actually delivery what they advertise. If you are planning to order woven patches, custom patches, or some different kind of embroidered emblems, then it is suggested that you do some research for more info on which company offers the most reasonably priced patches of the highest quality.

To begin with, explore the website of a company that you are taking into consideration. Try to find out how long that company has been doing business in the embroidery market. Be careful of a company that doesn’t list its phone number as you would want to have the opportunity to talk to some trained sales representative ahead of placing your order.

If you can indeed talk to a salesperson over the phone, make sure that you double-check for special sales and deals that you may have seen on the website if these are still available and if they come with certain restrictions like some minimum order.

A price list should also be made available by companies anywhere in their website. Inquire from the sales representative whether or not this product comes with price guarantees or if competitor quotes or coupons are being honored by them.

Most reputable custom patch companies do match or even beat a rival offer as long as the customer can present that offer in written form. Rush orders are generally priced more than being advertised so you will have to immediately inform the sales guy in case you need the patches by a particular date.

You may also be able to gauge the standing of embroidery companies by finding out if they have been given accreditation by some large groups/organizations to create the emblems and patches for them.

These organizations only allow a company they have duly licensed to display their logo on the embroidery company’s website and marketing media. Reputable organizations are always cautious about the businesses they deal with, so a recommendation from them would be a good indication.

Finally, pay a visit to the gallery section of that company to inspect their patches that are on display there and to find out more about them. A company with tiny, if not poor quality images on its website is likely trying to hide that these patches and emblems are really of poor quality.

Even if you are considering to put your personal artwork forward, choose a company that includes “in-house” designers on their payroll.

The reason is that things are going to be a lot easier as well as turnaround time sooner in case some last minute modifications are needed. A company that is too cheap that and does not hire its personal designers, is not supposed to designing the patch for you.

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