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What Tricone Drill Bits Should You Use?

You should consider several factors when you are looking into tricone drill bits. The different types of tricone drill bits have their own advantages and the best way to use them and this is important to understand.

In the well drilling industry, there drill bits that are widely used are the mill tooth tricone drill bits and the sealed bearing drill bits. Sometimes drilling goes through soft rock formations like limestone, shale, and clay, and in this situations the mill tooth and the sealed bearing drill bits are commonly used. A mill tooth bit is an open bearing tricone so it wears out faster than a sealed bearing bit. However, when it comes to cost, mill tooth bits are cheaper since they don’t have extra protection like the sealed bearing bits. If you want to save on money, then use the open bearing tricone over the sealed bearing ones.

Open roller bearings are tricone bearings that rotate without a seal. You don’t spend much manufacturing open roller bearings. The downside to this tricone bit design is that it needs to be cleared of debris every couple hundred feet of drilling. If you have a deep drilling project, then this could be very time consuming. They are great for shallow drilling and they are widely used when digging a couple hundred feet below the surface because they are cheaper to manufacture.

If you need a high speed bit, then the ideal one is the PDC or polycrystalline diamond compact bit. These can be used when drilling through rock formations that are highly consolidated like shale, limestone, and sandstone. But if you use it for other rock formations, then it can easily be broken since it is a specialty bit. For any type of rock formation, you can always rely on the all purpose tricone drill bit. But when you are drilling through consolidated rock formations, you should consider the PDC bit.

You get advantages using a tungsten carbide insert or TCI for the tricone drill bit. You can use it form drilling in harder rock formations since it has the ability to withstand heat. It is also very resilient which makes it very handy when drilling at high speeds and making it more ideal than a traditional tricone.

It is very challenging to learn about tricone drill bits. The important facts given above about the different types of tricones should provide advantages to your drilling projects. What we have discussed above are the advantages of using an open bearing or a sealed bearing drill bit, the benefit of open roller bearing for shallow drilling, when to use a PDC bit over a tricone bit, and the benefits of using the TCI insert on your tricone drill bit.

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