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Couples Guide to Overcome Challenges of Living Together.

Many people wish for that day when they will look at last settle in with their partners. Only to come to the reality that their lives will no longer be the same. The house is no longer yours alone, but you own it with your partner. You will have to involve your partner now when making decisions. First days of moving in together are prone to conflicts. Some of the causes of conflicts in first days’ are.

You being getting bored and irritated by the company of your partners. The passion you had for each other starts to fade away. When you were dating, you used to enjoy spending time together so much. Early days of moving in together couples lose interest in their partners. Couples also finding conversation with their partners to be irritating.

Young couples face the going up of house costs and is a challenge especially if the costs are carried by just one of the partners. The expense you used to incur alone will increase when the two of you are living together this will be an issue if your partner expects you to pay for everything. Everything cost has doubled is will only get worse when you get kids. In many cultures it is the responsibility of the husband to provide for his family without being concerned with the wife’s income.
You fight more frequently than when you were dating. When dating couples tend to be blind on their lover shortcomings. Leading to them have a rivalry. Performance of home tasks is another cause of conflict for new couples. Partners are yet to establish which roles and responsibilities they will be undertaking in their new home. Bonding of couples can be achieved by them doing houses tasks together. Another the cause of argument can be the house furniture and other accessories.
Before rushing to a marriage therapist couples may try the following solutions.

It is recommended for young couples to avoid spending all day long with their partners. Instead they should spend more time with their friends and family members. This will result in them missing each other.

Young couples should learn to become better communicators. Fighting may be as a result of not communicating properly. Couples with better communication tends to fifth less often. Especially by learning to listen keenly to their partners. You should not be quick to anger by your spouse actions instead you should give them time to learn and adapt.

Relationships are not easy to maintain. This is evident by the increasing number of divorces nowadays. Before settling in together is essential to know that the future is not guaranteed to be easy. Learn to focus on your spouse good things and to know that it is hard for them as it is for you. The aim of this training is to equip couples with skill to handle marital problems and have a happy relationship.

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