Gifting Kona Coffee Is a Unique Way to Introduce Others to Hawaiian Heritage

The islands of Hawaii are rich with natural resources that cannot be found in any of the other forty-nine states. Being the only area of the United States that has an entirely tropical climate, the islands provide beautiful and tasty vegetation that both residents and visitors enjoy gifting to friends or colleagues. This can include flower arrangements made from orchids, a basket of regionally grown macadamia nuts, or a collection of delectably sweet Kona coffee. Whether putting these items together themselves or purchasing a professionally assembled gift package, the beauty and heritage of Hawaii will shine through.

A Hard to Find Gift

Kona coffee beans are grown and carefully harvested by hand on the slopes of the Mauna Loa and Hualali volcanoes. Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, this coffee bean is considerably rare since it requires the specific climate conditions of the area to grow correctly. Due to this, it can only be found in a few places around the globe, which makes this brand of coffee a luxury to many people.

Coffee With a Taste Like No Other

When processed into liquid form, Kona coffee is distinctly medium-bodied while also rich with flavor. This is appealing to both the avid and casual coffee drinker since it won’t overpower the taste buds or produce caffeine jitters. A mildly sweet and delicious coffee such as this makes the perfect gift for friends, families, and acquaintances. Companies like With Our Aloha Hawaiian Flowers have taken this desire and produced elegant gift baskets showcasing both whole bean and ground bags of the various flavors. With the ability to ship to the continental United States, individuals in land-locked states can receive and enjoy this unique, tropical treat without the sender having to jump through hoops.

More Than Just Coffee

Purchasing coffee isn’t the only gifting option distinctive to the islands. Most visitors enjoy both receiving and giving Hawaiian leis during their stay. Unlike what they find back home, these fragrant and vibrant garlands are made from live native Hawaiian flowers. Nothing artificial is included in their creation which makes them all the more attractive for both men and women. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, or other special occasions, the lei is the ultimate welcoming gesture and great way to show one’s openness to other individuals.

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