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Pro-gun Quotes That You can Use.

I am sure we all know at least one anti-gun person and loving to argue is a common trait among these people. Pro-gun victims can hold an argument without acting like victims. It is normal to see them with pro-gun sayings that defend their reasons.

There is nothing really to be proud of when you give the findings on murders rate compared to gun control in different states. During arguments, making the other person more pissed is always fun.

Do you really have excess funny gun quotes, that you can use to take them on?. Below are 15 funny gun quotes, that you can use later.

Rudyard advocates for guns by saying there is no too much wine, books or ammunition.

The only way to defend a life you believe in is by being able to defend it.

Givens supports carrying of guns as a way to protect yourself in case some one impose their will on you.

The fourth quote on guns is from Lt. Col Jeff Cooper, where he says unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil cannot be overcome by freeing from it.
The fifth quote is from Breda, which says carry your gun because it is a light burden than regret.

This saying supports gun because in most cases you only have 2 choices.

The seventh one is a quote from Doug Patton, in this quote he says that a great danger lies from the notion that we can reason with evil.

Miller defends his reasons for been pro-gun by saying it is better to fight than die.

George supports guns by saying everybody is a militia, apart from few public officials.

Pro-guns in this quote is defended by not forcing laws on the people of America.

This quotes supports the idea of gun so that you can have it when need be.

This quotes shows the need for one to have a gun at all times.

Charlie in his quotes confirms he pro many thigs including guns.

Matt add to this discussion by saying there is a freedom that comes with having a gun with you.

The last quote is from Malcom X, where he says the constitution of the United States of America allows every citizen to bear arms, he believes Americans should not give up a right given to them by the constitution.

In case you are having an argument with someone on guns, feel free to use the above quotes. If you enjoyed those quotes, check more quotes from our page. For top accessories for your page, visit this website.

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