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Guidelines for Selecting an Off-Campus Apartment

Students feel relieved when the time comes for them to move to off-campus apartments because they are excited to enjoy doing many things that they cannot do in the hostels because of the college policies. You need a plan that will help you when moving to student apartment outside campus. Here are tips for choosing a student apartment.

Rent a student apartment that is affordable to you to avoid straining yourself financially. Consider utility costs like sewer, trash, electricity, water gas and air-conditioning for they increase the cost of living in the apartment. Peer pressure should not lead you into going for high-class student apartments that you cannot afford therefore persevere with what you can afford in the meantime. Determine the rate of multiple flats and compare them for you to rent the one that you can afford.

You may need roommates to share rental costs and other bills in the apartment. Be flexible when it comes to selecting roommates because your best friends do not have to be your roommate but find out more about the strangers who you will be staying with before you trust them. The roommates may live a lifestyle that will make you uncomfortable.

The condition of the apartment should give you value for your money. Never pay the landlord or move into the apartment if damages like scratched walls and paint that is fading or peeling off, lead paint, leaking faucets, pests like rodents, stained toilets and bathrooms, broken windows and others have not been rectified.

The policies of the apartment should not affect your lifestyle negatively. You may not be allowed to have pets, play loud music and other restrictions in the apartment. Check the rules concerning subletting the apartment, payment plans, and dates such as semiannual, annual or monthly payments, refund policies and more.

Find out how the landlord or the management of the apartment treats its tenants. The tenant has rights under the law that prevent the landlord from exploiting him or her. The landlord should give tenants their privacy since you will be upset if he or she gets into the apartment without your permission in your absence or presence. You should not be charged more than the agreed-upon rates on the rental agreement that you signed.

The neighbors should be considerate. Some neighbors will behave like landlords by controlling how others should use the parking area, laundry room and other common areas.

The security in the neighborhood and the apartments should be sufficient. There should be advanced security systems that will alert you when there are emergencies like fire, gas leaks, floods, and burglars.

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