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How to Speed up Your Website for Cheap Glasses.

There are many options of buying cheap glasses and people might not wait for your site to load for a long time. Speed is critical as many people, cannot stand waiting for a site to load if it exceeds 3 seconds. Delays might hurt your SEO as Google uses indexing to rank. When people leave your site due to delays, the next stop will be at your competitor’s site. To ensure that you are not in any way hurting your sales leads or SEO ranking, you take measures to fasten your website for cheap glasses.

Get rid of freebee website builders.
While this might look like a great deal, you should avoid temptations from this illusion by all means possible. Avoid this by all means Such sites are tough to optimize for SEO. On top of this, they are usually slowed down greatly because of the bulky and unnecessary coding. The results would be better if you paid money to an expert to professionally design your site. Hosting solutions also are not in many cases made to handle large volumes. This implies that although you might be doing better, you will end up having a lower speed.

Remove unnecessary plugins.
There might be some plugins on your site meant to optimize it and measure performance. These plugins might, however, slow your site down. If for example a customer is online looking for cheap glasses and there is a delay in your page due to plugins, your customer might get tired of waiting and look for them on another page.

Reduce the size of your images.
Here, you should involve some balancing. Although you might want high quality images and videos on your website, the result from this might not be enjoyable. Since high quality videos and images might end up talking a lot of time to load, your customers might end up being inconvenienced. The high quality files might fail to serve their purpose when the customer decides to turn away as a result of the slow site. It is important that you use a tool that compresses images to ensure that they load fast.

Another important thing to do is calling your host. In case any of the above fails to speed up your site, it is imperative to contact your provider and raise your concern.

At time poor performance might have raised from the end of your host. The service you get will go handy with the amount you pay. You ought to remember that cheap services might be expensive with time.
Clearly, some site visitors are very impatient and cannot wait for site to load for more than 3 seconds. If it does not load in 3 seconds, they will think that it is a rundown.

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