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The Ways How AA Coins are Acquired

Sobriety coin is the token given to members of Alcoholics Anonymous or any other 12 step group members that represent the time that the member has remained sober. While these coins are given, there are some who buys it at The Token Shop. Traditionally, this is a medallion that’s roughly the same size of poker chip which marks the sobriety time achieved by the person, awarded to him or her for being able to abstain from alcohol while in the program.

However, no matter how rampant AA organizations are, still there’s no official token or medallion for such. These sobriety chips were used by many organizations actually, it is just that Alcoholics Anonymous was more popular which appears that they’ve started the trend. Whether you believe it or not, there are various temperance societies that also hand out medallion to people who have committed themselves from not drinking or using alcohol while monitoring the duration they have stayed sober as well. If you like to learn further about this subject, then it is recommended to keep on reading.

Even in this modern world, there are still many speculations about how AA chip began. Some theories however believed that it all began in Indianapolis in 1942. It’s thought that Doherty S. was the man who founded Alcoholics Anonymous section in the state and to which the tradition of AAs have started.

When the twelve step member receives their first chip, they are told that it’s a sign of commitment of the Alcoholics Anonymous and not their commitment to the group. Sobriety coins themselves don’t actually help the bearer to stay sober but, studies have shown that there’s a connection between the holder’s self resolve and the coin’s visual presence. Actually, this is the same reason why there are some who buys at The Token Shop to be given to their relatives or loved ones. In the end, the coins are designed to bring motivation to the holder and to keep them abstaining from alcohol addiction.

Just one thing you must know about AA is that it’s an open group that people regardless of their age, gender and race are welcomed. They flock with a goal to share their hopes, strengths and experiences to each other hoping to solve their common enemy and at the same time, to provide support to others to ultimately be freed from their addiction.

And to show how far each person is in sobriety, most of the AA groups are using chips of a particular alloy or color constituting range of time that person remained sober.

Basically, now is the perfect opportunity to get your old life back and remain sober.

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