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Understanding and Treating Mentally Challenged Persons with Care

One of my college buddies was famous and was also a typical nerd. He was very rough while talking to fellow college mates besides his poor grooming practices and incompetence. His manner of interacting with fellow students would earn him major troubles. Later we noticed that our fellow student was suffering from Schizophrenia.
The mental incidents, would not bother to suppress whether in social functions or within a crowd. For instance, he gets hysterics whenever he comes across someone performing. People suffering from Schizophrenia are a challenge to interact and understand, and these leaves a dilemma in the community on how such individuals manage their life. As for our friend, we would try and calm him down and show some compassion and it was how we survived. We would struggle but eventually manage to flee him from people who did not understand him

Most people will not understand the long-term mental disorder behaviors and may harm the suffering individuals in their defense. The mentally stable individuals may think is a provocative behavior that these schizophrenia patients acquire. Knowing that it is improper to despise anyone, our college friends would defend their actions with the excuse of not being aware of the struggles our friend was going through. Expecting the upholding of humanity principles in a Christian institution, our friend was openly disdain actions that I could not apprehend.

Knowing this is not an abnormality but a mental disorder the society shows no compassion for people struggling with these illnesses. The role lies with every one of us with the church taking the lead, to show compassion and care to the patients suffering from mental instability. We have to live in reality and understand every disorder is manageable, and there are right medications to help these patients recover. We believe and pray God to heal us, taking the right medication is not wrong and should not be branded as going against the teaching of the church.

At times one may wonder, if the treatment prescribed for mental illnesses is dissimilar to physical treatments, and what is the connection with Christian faith. The dilemma remains, what is the difference between chemotherapy and antidepressants and their connection to Christian faith. It does not make sense to separate the body and mind, both make a complete human, we need to create a friendly environment to aid the recovery of our suffering brothers and sisters. As the church puts it , that it is a spiritual matter that requires spiritual intervention. However, we have to be realistic and care for our brothers and sisters who are vulnerable.

It is impressing to witness the change that our brothers and sisters are embracing. In the church today, counseling and medication and CBD oil are recommended for mental illness. It is a complete and compassionate step towards the care of our mentally ailing persons in the society.

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