SuperiorMaker Manufactures Some Great Household And Office Products

Are you tired of propping a door open with a chair, trash can, cement block or some other heavy thing? One of the hardest types of floors to get a door stop to work on is a smooth surface. Cement blocks, chairs and other items that are used to hold a door open can easily scratch the floor or snag carpeting. When a door needs to be held open, you should consider purchasing a door stop manufactured by SuperiorMaker. Their BIG door stop comes in a three pack and includes features such as:

  • Long lasting and durable.

  • Can be used inside or outside.

  • No installation is required.

  • Strong and flexible rubber.

  • Can be used on all surfaces including carpet, wood, tiles or concrete.

  • Will not scratch the floor.

  • Used in schools, homes, shops and offices.

Once an individual uses a quality door stop, they’ll be glad they are sold in a three, four or five pack. When a door needs to remain open for a pet or drafty hallway, the distinct low profile tip design will fit comfortably underneath the door on carpeting with a minimum ground clearance. A quality doorstop will be backed by a lifelong no-hassle free replacement guarantee.

Protecting hard-surfaced flooring begins with quality furniture pads. Furniture pads easily stick to the legs of furniture for easier moving while protecting the floor. They can protect laminate, hardwood, and linoleum flooring as well as tables, desks, shelves and counter tops from scratches and marks. They’re very easy to use because one side has a lasting adhesive that will stick to the furniture and the other side is a soft felt. There are a variety of sizes available and will reduce the noise when moving a chair. They have a lifetime guarantee, so a user can feel assured their surfaces will be protected.

Protecting the floor or surfaces in a home or office with superior products will help them remain looking great for years to come. Scratches can be eliminated with the use of quality door stops and furniture pads. A home or office won’t need to contact a contractor to repair the damage that looks unsightly.

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