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How to Complete the Perfect Makeup Look

first and foremost make sure that your skin does not appear dry at all. Especially the cold seasons the skin might be very dry because you are not likely to sweat and your spores have nothing to get lead of. Have cold and clean water for consumption at the right time this will ensure that you do not go dry on your skin easily. Some people tend to mistake water with other drinks such as alcohol and other carbonated drinks such as soda. Each and every drink serve a different purpose even in the digestion system so if not water anything else may not make your skin to be a bit moist.

Drinking water to moisten your skin will even reduce the amount of make up you would have used to try and make it fix on your dry skin. Eating clean food and drinking clean water and clean fruits which will provide your body with the necessary vitamins especially those needed for enlightening the skin will make use of make up very effective and very easy.

It is always good to work on your lips make up before anything else of which it is usually very simple. You cannot ignore color in applying lipstick whether by choice or by default. Like the skin color and the lip formula you have. The lipstick should either guide the dress code or the dress code should guide the lipstick to be used but remember they are both under the control of the nature of your body. If you are attending an official meeting or if you are going to an office or to a court of law or any other formal function.

Try and get a brighter color in case you are dark in color and do not go again for a very shouting color or a color that does not seem attractive like yellow. You may dress in a white or red colored clothe if not so get a dark dressing code with this you will appear more better. However, it will also depend on the occasion you are attending because if it is ceremonial you should go with dark colored clothes so as to match your lipstick also get a another well colored lipstick.

Your eyes should also be taken care of lips or your hair Although when applying make up. It is very easy to have your mascara and eyeliner drawn well.Some might have challenge in eye make up because of may be short eyebrows one tip you should use is to have them trimmed and then make use of the shades so as to help you build confidence in public.

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