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Benefits of Good Old Toys for Your Kids

Research has shown that loud and noisy toys create an environment that evokes feelings of war or emergency or action, which for a toddler may not be appropriate to create those sound effects and impact on the toddler’s mind, instead of a calmer or quieter toy to encourage an imaginative play, besides, it’s a well know fact that toddlers have a tendency to put things into their mouth, therefore, noisy, plastic toys are dangerous for them to play with, aside from the toxic materials that they are made of. Therefore, this just shows that the good old school toys are much preferable because, in terms of health benefits, some are made of organic materials, like wood, and the design encourages physical activity, as well as imaginative play.

The good old radio flyer

Kids, ages 2 to 5, get as much fun steering their feet and strengthening their motor skills with a radio flyer wagon or trike, which will never be outdated, as this fluid, push-pull rowing toy or scoot-along vehicle is still fun riding on them because they are both light and easy to maneuver.

Intelligent play with the good old wooden blocks

Wooden blocks are one toy that a child should not be without, as educators agree, because this toy encourages not only imaginative play, but its complex structures help to stir up the intellectual and analytical part of the child’s mind, allowing the child to be immersed in the building of secret rooms, soaring towers, daring bridges, and many more. Toddlers of ages 2 to 8 will find the interest and feat to be builders in their own imaginative environment with their wooden block toy, which has stood the test of time with its great features of smooth, solid wood blocks in interesting shapes and pieces.

Having fun with the good old fashioned board game

No one can go wrong with the old classic board games, such as Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, etc., because kids can quickly pick them up and the best part about board games is that the whole family can have fun playing with it altogether.

Loving and hugging the teddy bear

The cuddly teddy bear will continue to be one of the most popular toys around the world as we went through stages from a toddler to child receiving our first teddy bear giving us those loving and cuddling memories of that fuzzy toy.

The intricacy of the wooden playhouse

Wooden playhouses are the ultimate play toys, not just because the are fun and exciting, but because they allow children to unleash their creative side and build their social skills and taking an imaginative role play about family life and the environment, something which not all toys can provide.

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