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How to Help Your Muscles Recover from a Workout

Nothing compares to the feeling of finishing a vigorous, challenging workout. You know, kind one that really gives your muscles a shake and has you thinking, “man, I gave it my everything! This is not only a rewarding accomplishment but also a positive sign that you’re utilizing your gym time to the best advantage you can get. But did you know that how you let your muscles recover after a workout, is about half of the quality of results you get?

Here are a few important things to remember as you take your muscles from one productive workout to the next: Here are some vital tips to keep in mind while you pump up those muscles, one energetic workout at a time:

Give Time for Cooling Down

Recovery begins as soon as your last burnout or drop set is done. That also means that you certainly cannot simply walk away. One practice you need to learn is remaining on the gym floor for a few extra minutes just to cool down. Some like to do it with cardio. For example, they may walk back and forth slowly for about five minutes to help their heart rate adjust to normal.

Stretch It Out!

Although there are benefits to planking or crunching to wrap up a workout, stretching your best option. With those slow, mindful movements, your muscles will have plenty of room to breathe. Of course, your stretches will depend on the muscle group you worked. In any case, be consistent in giving yourself time to stretch. It’s the most basic way of recovering from an exhausting workout.

Use the Spa Area

Gyms usually have a room on the main floor for clients who want to do some stretching. Other times, you will find some extra recovery tools right in the locker room. If your gym’s dressing area is equipped with a spa, go ahead and use it! Usually, these amenities are included in a basic membership, and they can really up your recovery game by a mile. There are several ways for a hot tub to pamper those muscles after an action-packed hour.

Eat a Healing Meal

eat! And for best results, keep this meal protein-powered. Before going to the gym, drop a protein shake inside your bag just in case – for one reason or another – you can’t sit down for a more traditional protein meal after your workout. Also check out supplements such as glutamine and creatine and how your muscles can recover better with them, or simply go for more natural foods that have high amounts of water and potassium in them. Finally, take note that your post-workout meal necessities will depend on your general fitness goals and, of course, the time of day you work out.

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